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Brussels - Bruxelles - BelgiqueRecherche Femme pour Amitié, Amour, Aventure

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Mon annonce

Je me présente

My friends and colleagues have described me as a loving, caring, understanding and cheerful guy. I think i agree with them. I have always been loving, appreciative and a listening man...that is how i am naturally and nothing can change that about me. but true happiness is when you have the right woman in your life. a loving, caring and understanding woman is all i seek. i dont think that is too much to ask for. A woman that will complement my happiness, that will crown it all. I love playing and listening to music, I love Elvis Presley with passion, i love dancing, playing my guitar and piano, love walking at the beach barefooted, especially at night. My life is not complete until i meet that special woman i can always love, adore and be proud of at all times. Moving to anywhere is not a problem at all....for my own happiness, wherever i find a truly serious-minded woman, moving is not a problem at all, happiness supersedes it.

Je recherche sur le site

I am looking for a loving, caring, honest and FAITHFUL woman with a good heart. Physical beauty is nothing to me. loving, caring, faithfulness and honesty are what i considered as a true beauty. true beauty lives inside of you, not the outside pretty look. Its been a while, and I just wanna be happy being with the right woman with these qualities for the rest of my life. someone ready to be loved, treated like queen, be loyal to and to be proud of at all times. I love public display of affection, such as; kissing in public, hugging and holding hands. If a man truly loves a woman, he should be ready to show her off to the world at all times. There's no substitute for true love, feelings and honesty. let true love and feelings prevail at all times.

Je suis

Date de naissance: 31/07/1966
Etat civil: Célibataire
Lieu de résidence: 1210 Brussels
Région: Bruxelles
Pays: Belgique
Nationalité: Royaume Uni
Enfant(s): 0
Signe du zodiac: Verseau
Signe Chinois: Chien
Secteur d'activité: Logistique
Niveau d'étude: Ecole supérieure
Revenus: Entre 1000€ et 2000€ / mois
Religion: Catholique non pratiquant
Orientation politique: Ne m'intéresse pas

Je recherche

Une pers. agée entre: 35 et 65 ans
Je recherche: Femme
Pays de résidence: Etats-Unis
Nationalité: Royaume Uni
Ville: Brussels
Langue(s) parlée(s): Français
Orientation sexuelle: Hétéro

Je me décris

Ma taille: 188lb
Mon poids: 87kg
Ma silhouette: Sportif
Couleur de mes cheveux: Noirs
Longueur de mes cheveux: Court
Couleur de mes yeux: Bleus
Style vestimentaire: Décontracté
Je fume: Non
Orientation sexuelle: Hétéro


Je cuisine: Oui
Je fais du sport: Oui
Le sport que j'aimerais pratiquer: soccer, basketball, volleyball, golf
Le style de vacances que je préfere: panama
Le genre de film que je préfere: action, cartoon, comedy
Mes films préférés: action

Ma personnalité

Ma vision d'une relation amoureuse

I just want to be with the right woman to be happy with for the rest of my life.

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